Inside the Lingering Garden, Suzhou, China

Rachel Soeharto is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, where she studied Political Economy. In Spring 2012, she studied economics and Mandarin Chinese at Shanghai’s Fudan University. She is interested in the phenomenon of urbanization in China, as the energy of modern city life and the convenience of extensive, well-run public transportation systems captivates her. While abroad, Soeharto volunteered as an English teacher for cute and incredibly rowdy 4th graders in the Baoyang district of Shanghai through the non-profit organization Stepping Stones. She wishes to return and eat her way through East Asia sometime soon.

Soeharto enjoys cooking, as well as trying strange and delicious new foods. Though her travels opened doors for a bit of experimentation in eating, she likes discovering local restaurants in the Bay Area. Recently, she developed a curiosity about the prohibition of both foie gras and shark fin sales within the state of California. As an adventurous foodie, Soeharto aims to investigate how it is problematic for government to interfere with a citizen’s right to eat what they wish to eat. She hopes to delve into the concerns and solutions proposed by international communities on the topic of food banning and regulation.

When Soeharto is not gawking at tall buildings and photos on Tastespotting, she can be found soaking up every bit of fresh air in her homestate of California. She is fond of bike rides, skiing, and BBQs (yup, more food). Although, Soeharto’s couch potato side surfaces from time to time; she will readily admit to a habit of laying horizontally in bed with a Harry Potter book or episode of Game of Thrones.