“Food is All-Important”

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Image via wordle.net

Before I began my research on the significance of U.S. food bans and what not, I wondered if anyone would even care about a topic that at first glance, seems so silly and even minute. I knew my parents would care – they taught me everything I know about food and of course, they are my parents. I knew my fellow foodie friends would care. Maybe my roommates would care. Though, besides to the people just mentioned, why should anyone care about anything I have to say that’s food-related?

In pondering this, I came across the article “Is Food Writing Important?” by Michael Ruhlman. I hesitate to sound cheesy (pun intended), but it gave me the answer I had been searching for. In short, food is important because we encounter it everyday! We survive on this stuff. It’s what keeps us goin’. For folks like myself, food is something that we never stop thinking about, whether while preparing breakfast or in retelling a story that occurred at a restaurant or in the presence of food. At least half of the most interesting stories from my semester abroad include a mention of food. There’s really no escaping food, and it’s absolutely natural for people to talk and write about it. I thank Mr. Ruhlman for reminding me of that simple fact.

So, to my few readers out there, why does this topic matter? Because it’s the stuff that enters your body, tantalizes or upsets your palette, and often makes for one heck of a memory.


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